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When I was a child I thought adults grow out of games once. Then one Christmas Eve my brother and me got our first Catan board game, followed by many others, filling up the shelves with colorful boxes and my interest became persistent. We've been playing board games ever since, just the two of us, or ten, if we get together, cold winters or scorching heat, in good company, with pleasure, 'cause playing is good.

In April 2016 our wonderful board game pub opened its doors in the heart of the city centre, Zichy str. 4, where you can play together with friends, or just celebrate and drink, where you can ask for advice from our staff of experienced boardgamers, and choose from more than 200 board games. To relieve your hungry stomach, we offer you our toast sandwiches on wooden plates, and two kinds of draught beer to quench your thirst. Get your team or friends together for a meaningful pastime at us! Games are a source of fun, where everyone can play carefree, come on:

Game Up!

Game up pub budapest
  • Combos

    1. Agent Shotcover 4990,-

    (Agent Undercover) 12*shots + 4*chocolate bars+ 2*chips

    2. Limoncept 4990,-

    (Concept) 2,5 l Lemonade (classic, orange, raspberry, sour cherry) + 4*toast sandwiches

    3. AranyPálinkásók 4990,-

    (Saboteur) 6*2cl Pálinka (2*apricot, 2*barrique plum, 2*black cherry) + Peasant Plate

    4. Tátra Time 4990,-

    (Timeline) 6*2cl Tátra Tea tasting line + 6*4cl fruit juice (100%) + double Nuts Mix + 4*Chocolate bars

    5. Beer Against Humanity 4990,-

    (Cards Against Humanity) 4*0,5l Soproni + 4*2cl pálinka + double Nachos

    6. Rook Combo 9990,-

    4*0,5l draught Soproni + 2 bottles of Soproni IPA + 2 bottles of Krusovice Svetlé + 2 bottles of Edelweiss + 2*4cl Unicum + 2*4cl Jägermeister + 2*2cl 52% Tátra Tea + 2*2cl 62% Tátra Tea + 2*2cl 72% Tátra Tea + 6 portions of Pretzel

    7. Coctails n’ Guns small 2790,-

    (Cash n’ Guns) 2 Normal Cocktails + 1 Nachos

    8. Coctails n’ Guns big 5490,-

    (Cash n’ Guns) 4 Normal Cocktails + Double Nachos

    9. Coctails to Ride small 3790,-

    (Ticket to Ride) 2 Normal Cocktails + 2 Wraps

    10. Coctails to Ride big 7490,-

    (Ticket to Ride) 4 Normal Cocktails + 4 Wraps

  • Daily offer

    3-for-the-price-of-2 offers for each day of the week

    3 “vice házmester fröccs” (2dl wine + 3dl soda water) from House Wine (white or rosé) for the price of 2: 2×640,- (3 glasses: 427,-/glass)


    3 glasses (0.5l) of Edelweiss for the price of 2: 2×780,- (3 glasses: 520,-/glass)


    3 Captain & ginger for the price of 2: 2×980,- (3 glasses: 653,-/glass)


    3 gin tonic for the price of 2: 2×960,- (3 glasses: 640,-/glass)


    3 Jack & Coke for the price of 2: 2×1120,- (3 glasses: 747,-/glass)


    3 Finlandia vodka soda for the price of 2: 2×700,- (3 glasses: 467,-/glass)


    3 bottles of Békésszentandrási Cherry Beer for the price of 2: 2×890,- (3 bottles: 593,-/bottle)

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Game Up!

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